15 February

Programming API Fundamentals

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Unreal Engine 4’s programming API can be quite challenging to tackle if you are new to the programming side of the engine or just new to the engine in general. In addition, finding the information needed to answer specific questions can sometimes be difficult because of the massive documentation and forum questions that may not fully answer your specific question or the lack thereof depending on the question. This article will help to alleviate some of the many questions that can come up in the early stages of learning the API.

 A great place to start is by opening up one of Epic’s provided code templates. When you open it, a few things may stand out to you that are different from regular C++ coding standards such as:

  • .generated file included at the top of a header(.h) file
  • PROJECTNAME_API within the class declaration
  • Prefixes to class names ( i.e. AClassSClassUClass )
  • Tons of Macros ( i.e. UCLASS( ), UPROPERTY( ), GENERATED_BODY( ) )

These are some of the more basic API things that every person that wants to code in the engine should know and understand before they dive into making games. So let’s break all of these down.

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